Volunteer with Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt

Thank you for considering volunteering at the Excelsior Chritkindlsmarkt. Below are opportunities with their descriptions. Following the descriptions is a Volunteer Form to select which position, dates and times you would like to participate in. As a volunteer participant, you receive a complimentary access to the Christkindlsmarkt throughout the day(s) you volunteer.

We ask that all volunteers enter through the exit gate, near the ball field and check in at the information booth near the exit gates 15 minutes prior to your schedule time to receive your wrist band and Christkindlsmarkt hat.


Set Up

Drive golf carts to help vendors take their items to their designated area at the Commons. Volunteer coordinators will give directions based on the vendor map. (Will receive a schedule and time as to when we need them based on the timing of vendors arriving).

Greeters/Ticket Scanners (3 – 4 per shift) 3 hour shifts 

Individuals stationed at the front entrance welcoming attendees, scanning attendee tickets/phone. This role does not sell tickets, but may walk attendees through how to purchase on phone. Will direct those who wish to purchase tickets with cash to Ticket Sales.

Ticket Sales

Reserved for core Lions Club Volunteers.

Ambassadors (3 -4 per shift) 3 hour shifts

The “go-to” individuals all other volunteers can turn to with significant questions, concerns or issues during the event. They will keep abreast of needs at the venue and provide direction on areas that need addressing (e.g. hand sanitizing stations that need refilling or vendors that need assistance).

Bubble Host (This will be an ambassador  volunteer)

Stands at the Bubble and serves as an info person to direct people to the event – may also provide direction to stores in Excelsior.

Exit Volunteers (2 per shift) 3 hour shifts 

Thank attendees for coming; ensure only people entering exit are the vendors and volunteers,  and individual attendees do not enter through the exit.

Hospitality/VIP volunteers (1 per shift)  3.5 hour shifts  (Reach out to Volunteer@excelsiorchristmas.com if interested)

Will ensure only VIPs enter the tent; and will serve as a helper to Sponsors.

Golf Cart Drivers (2 – 3 per shift) 3 hour shifts

(Must be 25 years or older) – Drive carts during the event to help run errands, assist attendees who may need mobility help.  Will be dispatched via walkie talkies for assistance.

Floaters & Site monitors (4 – 5 per shift) 5 hour shifts

Individuals who will attend to needs of the event, such as refilling hand sanitizer, assisting vendors, emptying garbage cans. Will be provided gloves, etc.

First Aid (1 per shifts) (Reach out to Volunteer@excelsiorchristmas.com if interested)

Ideally seeking individuals who are trained in first aid – will manage the first aid booth and supplies.

Technical Crew (Reach out to Volunteer@excelsiorchristmas.com if interested)

Assists with sound, wiring, technical needs

Security (1 per shift)  (Reach out to Volunteer@excelsiorchristmas.com if interested)

Takes over when hired security guard leaves. Between 7AM to 10AM AND and then 7PM to 10PM each weekend night and weekday until end of event.

Tear Down Crew (Reach out to Volunteer@excelsiorchristmas.com if interested)

Needed for December 5th at end of event (3:30 – on) to assist vendors with taking items to cars, helping pack up audio visual equipment, etc.